UPS Systems

What is a UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply?

A UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply is designed so that the power never goes1kw UPS off. They are great where a stable and reliable source of 240v AC power is required all the time. They are great for running household appliances, IT and computer rooms, servers, commercial or other large electronic equipment. We offer an extensive range of Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

In a 240v mains-powered configuration this UPS system guarantees uninterrupted operation of all 240v AC appliances. They are ideal if the mains electricity is unstable or suddenly lost. When mains power is present, it is connected to the 240v AC output to power the appliances and constantly charge the battery bank. In the event of a mains power failure the system immediately switches to Battery power, ensuring NO disruption to the appliances. Once mains power is restored, the system reverts to using the mains AC power.

All our UPS Systems have Zero transfer technology allows for instant switching from mains to battery backup power, without the typical delay of 10-20ms. This UPS is ideal for sensitive electronics where a consistent power supply is required, such as computers, servers, equipment in datacentres and other IT equipment.

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A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a Battery Back Up System designed to keep your Computer or IT Equipment up and working if you get a break in the 240v power supply.

Theses UPS Systems also charges the Battery Back up while Grid Electric Power is available.

All our UPS Systems use AGM Battery Back Up and here is the range we offer. Take a look now.

The AGM Battery Range

100ah 12v
107ah 12v
160ah 12v
278ah 12v
300ah 12v
500ah 12v
300ah 24v
500ah 24v
500ah 24v Mounted in a trolly

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