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Solar Panels UK Stock

Here at Eos Solar Solutions we are pleased to offer a wide range of Solar Panels UK Stock
Starting with simple trickle charges and going up to 550+ watts.
With good stocks and easy access to more stock from across the UK and EU We can keep your project on track.

Please read the Solar Panels Explained Page

Solar Panels up  to 149w

Solar Panels 150w to 199w

Solar Panels 200w and over 

JA Solar Roof Top – Home & Industrial

Canadian Solar – Home & Industrial

Longi Solar – Home & Industrial

Solar Panels

Solar Panels, everyone is talking about it and you can see them more and more on roof tops around your town. You even see them on the top of vans, campers, trucks and caravans. With all the talk you take a look for yourself you you are met with a dozen options all telling you they are the best.

So like many of us you just move on to something else…

To stop that we are here to help. Eos Solar Solutions can help you understand what is available and demystify the options..

If you want to know about Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, rigid and flexible and many more options about Busbars then you need to read our Solar Panels Explained Page by clicking here. 

Did you know?

Back in 1958 solar cells were first used in a prominent application when they were proposed and flown on the Vanguard satellite. This was an alternative power source that would compliment the primary battery power source.

So by adding solar cells to the outside of the satellite body the mission time could be greatly extended with no major changes to the satellite or its power systems.

Then finally In 1959 the United States launched the satellite Explorer 6. And this features a large wing-shaped solar arrays, which became a common feature in all satellites after this .

These arrays consisted of 9600 Hoffman solar cells.

Always remember to keep up to date on solar developments with the United Nations