What is an AGM Battery?


What is an AGM Battery?

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, indicating that the battery acid is absorbed into fiberglass mats rather than existing as a free-flowing liquid. These mats enable a greater surface area of the electrolyte to contact the ultra-thin lead plates, providing cushioning against impacts and vibrations. The use of absorbent glass mats allows manufacturers to fit more lead plates within the battery, resulting in increased power availability.

AGM batteries are a type of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery, contributing to their longevity. VRLA batteries feature a one-way valve that controls the release of hydrogen and oxygen during the recharging process.

You don’t have to maintain VRLA batteries the same way. Their one-way valves keep the gases in the battery, effectively preventing water loss.
They are a better option to a Lead Acid Battery

Key Benefits of an AGM Battery

  1. Sealed, Spillproof Design: AGM batteries are designed with a sealed, spillproof construction that prevents electrolyte leakage even if the battery is turned upside down or shaken during transportation. This design feature not only enhances safety but also allows AGM batteries to comply with specific transportation regulations, including air transport and mail delivery.
  2. Transportation Regulations Compliance: Due to their sealed and spillproof design, AGM batteries can be shipped by air, delivered by mail, or transported via other modes without the risk of electrolyte leakage. This makes AGM batteries suitable for a wide range of applications where transportation regulations must be followed.
  3. Durability Comparison: Standard lead acid in contrast to AGM batteries,155Ah Gel Battery have a more traditional design with liquid electrolyte and vent caps. This makes them susceptible to electrolyte leakage if the battery is tipped over or subjected to rough handling during transportation. The analogy of a sippy cup lid versus a sealed soda can effectively illustrates this difference in design and durability.
  4. Safety Considerations: AGM batteries offer enhanced safety benefits not only during transportation but also in use. Their sealed construction minimizes the risk of acid spills, corrosion, and gas emissions, making them suitable for use in confined spaces or applications where safety is paramount.

Overall, an AGM battery sealed, spillproof design makes them a preferred choice for various applications requiring safe and reliable energy storage solutions, especially when transportation regulations must be adhered to.

The AGM Battery Range

100ah 12v
107ah 12v
160ah 12v
278ah 12v
300ah 12v
500ah 12v
300ah 24v
500ah 24v
500ah 24v Mounted in a trolly

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