Victron Lynx Power In “What is it?”

Power in lynx

Victron Power In – Explained

What is a Victron Lynx Power In? when you are building your Solar System for your Camper or even your Workshop you can have several accessories you want to connect to it. Stacking up Ring Terminals is not a good way to do it. It’s a little dangerous and not nice. The Victron Lynix Power In offers a great solution. With two high quality Busbar’s you can be sure of a safe and tidy installation. Get yours for just £160 inc delivery 

Power in lynx

power in

The Lynx Power In contains a positive and negative busbar with 4 connections for batteries, loads or chargers and a ground connection.
It is part of the Lynx Distribution system and is available in two versions, with M8 or M10 busbar.
Note that M10 refers to the busbar connection joints where the modules are connected to each other. The fuse and cable connections are always M8.

Lynx Power In

Unlike the Victron Lynx Distributor and the Lynx Power In it does not have built-in designated spaces for the fuses. This means that all connected loads, chargers or batteries would need thier own fuse. They would need to have an appropriate fault current interruption rating.

Depending on the desired design you can have multiple Victron Lynx Power In modules connected together in series to create much longer busbar with more connections for batteries and other items.

Alternatively, a single Lynx Power In unit can be used by itself or in combination with other Lynx distribution system modules as below

Lynx Power In M8
Lynx Power In M10
Lynx Distributor M8
Lynx Distributor M10
Lynx Shunt VE. Can M8
Lynx BMS 500 M8