Victron Distributor “What is it?”


Victron Distributor Explained 

What is a Victron Lynx Distributor? Well, it’s very similar to the Lynx Power In but with the addition of a Mega Fuse, infract it can take up to 4 Mega Fuses. So now when you are building your Solar System for your Camper or even your Workshop you can have all the fuses nicely all together. It’s not only neat and tidy but also much safer. The Victron Lynx Distributor offers a great solution when building your Solar System.


his is the M8 Type

The Lynx Distributor contains a positive and a negative busbar. The positive busbar has four fuse-protected connections with fuse monitoring.
The negative busbar has four connections and a ground connection. It is part of the Lynx Distribution system and is available in two versions, with M8 or M10 busbar. Note that M10 refers to the busbar connection joints where the modules are connected to each other. The fuse and cable connections are always M8.

lynx distributorThe Lynx Distributor has a power LED and four fuse status indication LEDs.

If connected to a Lynx Smart BMS, up to 4 Lynx Distributors can send fuse status information to the Lynx Smart BMS. This feature is not available when connected to a Lynx Shunt VE.Can.


lynx cableThe Lynx Distributor ships together with a 40cm RJ10 cable. This cable provides power to the Lynx Distributor and is also used to transmit data if connected to a Lynx Smart BMS.


The Lynx Distributor is designed to hold MEGA fuses. These need to be purchased separately.
lynx distibutor

VictronConnect App

If the Lynx Distributor is connected to a Lynx Smart BMS, it can be monitored and set up with the VictronConnect App.

For more information, see the VictronConnect App download page and the VictronConnect manual.

Up to 4 connected Lynx Distributors can be monitored with a GX device if connected to a Lynx Smart BMS.

For more information on the GX device, see the GX device product page.

The GX device can be connected to the VRM portal, allowing remote monitoring.

For more information on the VRM portal, see the VRM page.