UK Solar Manifesto Launched by Solar Energy UK

Solar Energy UK Launch the Energy Storage Manifesto 

The Solar Energy UK Manifesto  Solar & Energy Storage Manifesto sheds light on the critical challenges faced by the solar and energy storage sectors in the UK, whileoff grid UPS also highlighting the immense potential of solar energy in reducing consumer energy costs and driving the nation towards its net-zero goals.Key challenges spotlighted by Solar Energy UK Manifesto in the manifesto include an inconsistent planning system, lack of cohesive strategy across energy, food security, and environmental restoration, and significant constraints on the transmission and distribution networks. These obstacles hinder the rapid expansion necessary for a sustainable energy future.

Solar energy, identified as the most affordable form of power generation by government analyses and recent CfD auction results, is crucial in the quest to minimise energy costs and achieve net-zero at the lowest overall cost. To stay competitive in the global race for clean energy, the UK must bolster its investment and infrastructure efforts.

The manifesto proposes ambitious actions for the next government, including delivering 70GW of solar, 50GW of wind, and 60GW of energy storage. This involves enhancing network infrastructure, adopting a renewables-first market approach through Contracts for Difference, and significantly improving the service quality between network operators and renewable developers.

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Our political engagement efforts are being spearheaded by Aodha O’Carroll, our Political and Legislative Adviser. If you are able to support these efforts in any way, please reach out to him: In particular, if you have opportunities to speak to candidates, let us know how we can assist or follow up – a candidate information pack has been produce to amplify our messages.
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