Is the SolaX Inverter a Good Brand

X1-3.6T-DW-G4 36.KW SOLAX

Is SolaX Inverter Good Brand

SolaX Inverter SolaX, a Chinese solar inverter manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, has been operating since 2010 and has achieved significant milestones in the renewable energy industry. With an annual production capacity of 6GW, SolaX has emerged as a prominent player in the UK and global market, contributing to the widespread adoption of solar energy solutions.

The SolaX Inverter company proudly boasts of over 600,000 installations of SolaX inverters worldwide, indicating a strong track record of reliability and performance. SolaXSoaX Mini distinguishes itself by offering inverters with competitive pricing paired with five-year extendable warranties, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance of product durability.

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The Solax Range

Grid Tied

Mini 2.5kW
Mini 3.0kW

Boost 2kW
Boost 3kW
Boost 3.3kW
Boost 3.6kW
Boost 5.0kW
Boost 6 kW

3.7kW Hybrid
5kW Hybrid
6kW Hybrid
7.5kW Hybrid

AC Charger 3.7kW


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Eos Solar Solutions are a Solar and Wind Energy specialist. We have links to some of the UK’s biggest Solar brands. For Solar Panels this includes  Canadian Solar, Longi and Trina For Inverters and Hybrid Inverters this list includes SolaX and Solis. Then for Battery Storage we have Triple Power, Pylontech, and Alpha Smile If you are Off Grid or want to go fully Off Grid then we have Iconica and Victron Off Grid Inverters. We also have UPS or Uninterupted Power Solutions for where power is crutial and our UPS Systems will jump in and power is resumed.

If you are a 12v fan with a Van Life, Caravan or Motorhome fan then we have Victron Charge Controllers that include Bluesolar and Smartsolar. We have Victron Orion and also Victron Battery Chargers. Then we have our own range of Solar Panel Kits

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