Best home wind turbine kits UK

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What are the Best home wind turbine kits UK

Best home wind turbine kits UK The Efectiveness of small wind turbine kits depend on yoir location and the location of the actual wind turbine. The suitability of a small wind turbine depends on the average wind speed at the installation site, which needs to be consistently high enough to generate sufficient electricity to offset traditional grid electricity consumption.

While small wind electric systems can be a valuable renewable energy option for some homeowners, it’s essential to conduct a thorough assessment of wind resources and consider all factors before investing in such a system. As well mating them up with a Solar Panel could be a great benefit.

Wind Power Generators or Wind Turbines work on a simple principle: instead of using electricity to make wind like a fan. Wind turbines use wind to make electricity.

Our Selection of some of the Bset Home Wind Turbine Kits

Entry Level Wind Turbine

Lets jump right in with the Eos Solar Solutions 200w 5 Blade Wind Turbine, prices at just £200 it is ready to fit to your pole. 200w Wind
It has a great range of features, take a look…

  • Easy installation: Assembly of the turbine is extremely straightforward and requires minimal effort.
  • Patented permanent magnet AC generator: Features a special stator for effortless operation with minimal blade resistance.
  • Robust design: The casing of this turbine is made of strong cast aluminium alloy to ensure long-lasting use in harsh conditions whilst maintaining a rapid response to incoming wind.
  • 5 blade construction: Maximises output in poor wind conditions and reduces the minimum required wind speed for start-up to only 2 m/s.
  • Aerodynamic optimisation: The blades are optimally shaped for maximum efficiency and protection from strong winds.
  • Automatic wind detection: The tail vane automatically seeks out the best wind direction and re-orients the turbine accordingly.
  • Adjustable tube connector: Suitable for a wide range of mounting poles, including those typically used for scaffolding.

It makes power from a wind speed of just 2 m/s so even in a light wind you get power.

  • Number of blades: 5
  • Rated power: 200W
  • Maximum power: 230W
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Start-up wind speed: 2 m/s
  • Rated wind speed: 10 m/s
  • Survival wind speed: 45 m/s

We feel if you are looking to try then this could be a good option.

Ideal Boat Wind Turbine Kit

The Rutland FM910-4 is designed for boats and Rutland have a great history with wind at sea. Rutland FM910-4 Windcharger – Rutland FM910-4 Windcharger are withoutRutland 914i doubt one of the most unique and versatile battery chargers in use throughout the world. The Rutland FM910-4 combines our proven furling tail system and latest 3 phase generator technology with a new aerodynamically shaped body style. This combination of the established and the modern means that our customers can be sure of great power performance and reliability over many years service.
Features include.

  • More ampere hours are generated because of the Rutlands’ low wind speeds start up (of just 2.6 m/s) so power is being generated in the most typical wind speeds as well as being powerful in the strong winds
  • Automatic ‘furling’ tail fin directs turbine out of wind above 16 m/s for gale protection
  • The low friction 3 phase alternators give a smooth and silent output
  • Computer designed efficient aerofoil blades. The fine profile blades have a positive one-way-only fit that have been tested to withstand a loading with a safety factor 10 times the turbine’s maximum rpm.

And dont forget to match the Charge Controller with a Rutland Charge Controller 

Big Power Home Wind Turbine

Marlec’s FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger makes generating power at remote sites possible and at an affordable cost too.   This 1.8M diameter turbine, designed for use on land is very powerful for its size and with a proven track record behind it you can rely on it too, it’s built to last.

Rutland FM1803-2 12v Take advantage of the abundant power of the wind to generate your own free power using the Rutland FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger. The1803 FM1803-2 needs only a light breeze to start generating power for charging batteries so you have the convenience of energy stored for whenever you need it. Typically the 12V or 24V battery power can be used for:

Low energy lighting
Telecommunications equipment
Computers & TV’s
230V appliances can be operated through an inverter

  • The FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger with its robust 3-bladed wind turbine is supplied with it’s purpose designed controller. New 3 bladed turbine design combines an efficient profile with a durable injection moulded construction.
  • The 3 phase generator has a very low torque enabling power generation to start from just 3m/s (<7mph) windspeed.


Wind Power is a good option and a great addition to a Solar System.

  • Wind power creates good-paying jobs. There are over 125,000 people working in the wind industry and that number continues to grow. According to the wind turbine services. Technicians are one of the fastest growing job of the decade. Offering career opportunities ranging from blade fabricator to asset manager, the wind industry has the potential to support hundreds of thousands of more jobs by 2050.
  • Wind power benefits local communities. Wind projects deliver an estimated £2 billion in state and local tax payments and land-lease payments each year. Communities that develop wind energy can use the extra revenue to put towards school budgets, reduce the tax burden on homeowners, and address local infrastructure projects.
  • Wind turbines work in different settings. Wind energy generation fits well in agricultural and multi-use working landscapes. Wind energy is easily integrated in rural or remote areas, such as farms or coastal and small island communities, where high-quality wind resources are often found.

Thank you fro reading our Best home wind turbine kits UK information

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