Solar panel mounts for flat roofs

 Solar Flat Roof Mounting

Renusol Solar Mounting System For nearly a quarter of a century, Renusol hasRenusol Bucket Image been a reliable partner for PV mounting systems. Throughout this time, we have consistently offered solutions that are simpler to use than those of our competitors. Our extensive experience sets us apart: for example, we offer module clamps suitable for module frame thicknesses of 30-50 mm, compatible with various modules, significantly easing the daily tasks of installers. Additionally, we have successfully merged the middle and end clamps for PV mounting systems into a single patented product, a unique offering in the market. With Renusol, you need to keep far fewer tools in stock compared to similar systems, saving space, money, and time that can be allocated to more important tasks.

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RenusolSolar Mounting System

Renusol – Easy Simplified Assembly

Simple and Fast Installation

The MS+ short rail systems exemplify our proficiency in PV mounting systems. When Renusol introduced them, the industry standard was to produce complex, folded metal sheet sections for attaching PV modules onto trapezoidal metal sheet profiles, typically customized. The Renusol MetaSole (MS+) solution revolutionized this process with its simplicity and efficiency, significantly easing module installation: just place the short rail, fasten it, and it’s complete! Similarly, the Renusol CS+ (ConSole) system, with its two primary components—the trough and the U-sections—allows for quick mounting on flat roofs or in open spaces, a feat unmatched by competitors.

Solid  Versatile Application

Undoubtedly, Renusol’s PV mounting systems are not only straightforward to apply and assemble but also remarkably robust. They are consistently certified, statically calculated, highly stable, and durable. This ensures that with Renusol’s PV mounting systems, you benefit from a reliable solution with a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years.

Service and Great Advice 

For many years, our customers appreciate the first-class technical advice provided by our technical engineers and the fast delivery by shipping – usually within 48 hours

Your benefits with the Renusol PV mounting systems

  • Fast available PV mounting systems
  • Shipment usually within 72 hours within Europe
  • Packaged in a clean, safe and space-saving way
  • Sophisticated PV mounting systems for smooth assembly of PV modules
  • Intuitive, easy and fast assembly without unnecessary installations
  • Simplified project planning with PV Configurator 3.0
  • Safety through comprehensive certifications and calculations in accordance with the state-of-the-art

The Solax Inverter Range

Grid Tied

Mini 2.5kW
Mini 3.0kW

Boost 2kW
Boost 3kW
Boost 3.3kW
Boost 3.6kW
Boost 5.0kW
Boost 6 kW

3.7kW Hybrid
5kW Hybrid
6kW Hybrid
7.5kW Hybrid

AC Charger 3.7kW