1Kw – Off Grid / Hybrid Solar System – 250w Solar -12v 100Ah Battery’s – Kit


1Kw – Hybrid – Off Grid Solar System

When you are looking to design your own small off grid system it can big a big task, but here at Eos Solar Solutions we put together a few options for you. Each kit contains many of the parts you will need. So take a look and place your order…

This 1Kw kit the perfect ready to use kit for off-grid applications where you are looking for a reliable 240v supply. Even of you have a 240v supply that is intermittent, this kit will work together and ensure the lights never go out. Not even for a moment.
This kit can provide power to small household or office appliances such as a TV, radio, lights, computer, laptop, printer or a low power kettle. This may vary significantly according to location and season

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