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Off Grid – Hybrid – or Duel Power Solar System Parts and Equipment

Here at Eos Solar Solutions we know daunting it can be as you try to understand the bigger Solar Systems. But when you cut out the jargon its easy.

Off Grid
As it says, Off Grid. You have no electricity supply from the grid, a camping shed in the woods or the office at the bottom of the garden. You need Off Grid Power.

You have some power from the grid but sometimes you don’t. You need Hybrid. If you have power you are good, if the power goes off the system switches to the battery’s and  with most systems you would not even notice.

You can recharge the Battery’s with the Solar Panels when then sun is out, the Hybrid system sorts it all out for you.

Now a Hybrid system can also work if you have a reliable grid power supply, you program it to only use the Battery and recharge them with the Solar Panels. It will only draw power from the grid when it needs to. Most house systems are like this.

Now some systems can also handle a small Generator, so if the grid goes off and the Battery’s go flat.. It turns on the Generator. But now we are getting clever…