MPPT PWM Solar Charge Controllers

We are are proud to carry stock of the Victron & PowMr MPPT PWM Solar Chargevan life solar panels Controllers.
A Solar Charge Controller is a simple but very important appliance in your Solar System. It sits between the Solar Panel and the Battery. It monitors the Battery voltage and will allow the Solar Panel to charge the Battery as required. When the Battery is fully charged it stops charging.

We offer the full range of MPPT and PWM Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers You will hear everyone talk about PWM and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, well if you are building a small solar system the PWM Solar Charge Controller is a great cost effective option.

PWM Explained

PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. PWM is often used as one method of float charging. It sends out a series of short charging pulses to the battery in a very rapid “on-off” switch style. The controller constantly checks the state of the battery to determine how fast to send pulses, and how long and wide the pulses should be. When a Battery is fully charged it may just “tick” every few seconds and send a short pulse to the battery. Where a Battery is very low or even fully discharged it may almost be constant. This is known as full on. PWM are best for low power systems. Eos Solar Solutions offer a range of PWM Charge Controllers. One small downside of a PWM Charge Controller is that it can also create interference in radios and TV’s due to the sharp pulses that it generates. But the location of the Charge Controller to these products will eliminate this. Read more at  Charge Controllers Explained