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Do Solar Panels generate much power energy in the UK?

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Solar panels are much more efficient than you might think. Although they perform optimally in direct sunlight they still produce energy on a cloudy and overcast day The energy generation rate gets less with less sunlight but as the sun comes up the power is generated. Always think about where you are going to fit the panel when looking to generate power.
Can I expand my Solar Panel Kit?
Yes, the kit is just to get you going. Be sure to contact us and we can tell you how to make your Off Grid Solar System grow.
What Battery should I us with the Off Grid Solar Panel Kit?
We have a great range of Batteries take a look here.

Then look at the 180w Solar Panel

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Check out these Low Frequency Inverter Chargers

3000w 48v Low Frequency Inverter    



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All about Eos Solar Solutions Eos Solar Solutions are a Solar and Wind Energy specialist. We have links to some of the UK’s biggest Solar brands. For Solar Panels this includes Canadian Solar, Longi and Trina For Inverters and Hybrid Inverters this list includes SolaX and Solis. Then for Battery Storage we have Triple Power, Pylontech, and Alpha Smile If you are Off Grid or want to go fully Off Grid then we have Iconica and Victron Off Grid Inverters. We also have UPS or Uninterupted Power Solutions for where power is crutial and our UPS Systems will jump in and power is resumed. If you are a 12v fan with a Van Life, Caravan or Motorhome fan then we have Victron Charge Controllers that include Bluesolar and Smartsolar. We have Victron Orion and also Victron Battery Chargers. Then we have our own range of Solar Panel Kits