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Our Off Grid Solar System Kits have been designed with reliability and affordabillity in mind. Going Off Grid has never been easier and here at Eos Solar Solutions we just love that idea. Each Off Grid Solar Kit includes all the essential components, such as the Solar Panels, Wind Generator is selected, Inverter, Charge Controller, Battery and Cables. It simplifies installation, reduces guesswork, and saves time and costs. Eos Solar Solutions offers a variety of solar panel kits to cater to various needs, including those for Campervans, Caravans, Motorhomes and More…Off Grid Kit

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Victron Multiplus & Multiplus II
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Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Also known as stand-alone power systems (SAPS), generate electricity through solar panels and store it in a solar battery using a charge controller. This electricity is then converted by an inverter, enabling it to power household or business appliances. With the electricity stored in a solar battery, your home can operate solely on solar energy, even at night or during periods of suboptimal sunlight exposure..

The movement towards off-grid living is gaining momentum as individuals seek autonomy from the traditional power grid, driven by rising energy costs, the desire for energy independence, and environmental concerns. Living off-grid involves using alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power, which can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle and reduced living costs over time. For instance, solar panels may present an initial investment, but they can save a significant amount in energy bills in the long run. However, this lifestyle also comes with challenges, including the initial cost of setting up an off-grid system, ongoing maintenance, and potential isolation. Moreover, water sourcing can be a critical issue, especially in arid regions where rainwater catchment and storage are vital. Despite these challenges, many find the benefits of self-sufficiency and a reduced carbon footprint outweigh the difficulties, making off-grid living an appealing option for those willing to embrace its demands.

Always remember to keep up to date on solar developments with the United Nations