How Inverters work

All about Inverters

Inverters simply convert DC input voltage to AC output voltage at a different voltage.

DC Voltage or Direct Current Voltage is what batteries use. They have a positive side shown as the + (plus) and a negative side shown as a (minus) 
The electricity simply flows in one direction form the plus to the minus. In a direct route. Or Direct Current. 

AC Voltage generally 240v is what your house works on. This comes in an Alternating Current. Quite simply this keeps changing direction, going one way and then the other. It switches in milliseconds and also will drop to zero volts. This is known as Alternating Current. 

Now to inverter options. These come in two types, Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave. 

The switching of direction is shown in this wave form graph above. A Pure Sine Wave is smooth and it as zero volts for milliseconds. Where as Modified Sine Wave Inverter is more square. Also it stays at zero volts for longer. Many more technical products like Laptops, TVs, and Microwaves get all upset if they are at zero volts for to long, they get hot, make noises and could fail. 

This is why here at Eos Solar Solutions we only offer Pure Sine Wave inverters. 

How many Watts?

Quite simply add up the watts required from each appliance and then select the one with extra capacity. You will for sure buy more things. Here are some examples of watts, but do check your own gadgets. 

Laptop – 100w
TV – 300W
Phone Charger – 6w
So this comes to 406w
Select a 500w Inverter

We would always recommend purchasing the largest Pure Sine Wave Inverter you can as it allows for expansions and it will not work as hard. Take a look at the 1,000w Inverter and you know you are good all day.

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