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Helios New Energy have now been added to the Charge Controller range here at Eos Solar Solutions.
We selected them because Helios New Energy are a High Tech Enterprise for Research and Development of Solar Charge Controllers.
With a company only focusing on Charge Controllers you can be sure the technology is at its best.  The brand you see is the manufacturer, it’s not a product with a marketing name!

Helios New Energy 10a MPPT

All Charge Controllers True MPPT.
Be sure to check other brands when checking prices.
Take a look at what this great range of MPPT Charge Controllers and what they offer for you.

12v Portable MPPT Charge Controllers 

Helios Staff
Helios New Energy Company

Did you know, Helios New Energy are a high tech enterprise that not only manufacture but also are a R&D powerhouse in the technology and manufacture of solar products
With the main focus mainly on Solar DC charge and other PV energy storage applications.

Over many years gained they experience and cutting edge technologies in DC solar charge.
This is especially in PWM & MPPT solar charge controllers.

As a Solar business they will never stop moving forward in the progress of research & development of solar DC technology.

Their slogan is: Solar & Green for Life! 


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