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MPPT 10amp 75/10 Charge Controller by Victron BlueSolar

Ref: SCC010010050R & VBSM75-10

10amp MPPT Charge Controller
Victron 75V 10A MPPT controller – 10amp 75/10 Charge Controller comes from the intelligent BlueSolar range which uses the latest ultrafast MPPT technology to maximize energy harvest whilst maintaining optimal battery health. The advantage of the BlueSolar 10amp MPPT charge controllers is to uniquely boast its intelligent battery life function. Also along with its advanced communication options for remote system monitoring.

10 Amp – max 145w @ 12 or 290w @ 24v

Ultrafast MPPT Technology:

This 10A MPPT solar charge controller is designed to deliver the highest possible energy yield in the shortest amount of time. This is achieved through the use of high speed Maximum Power Point Tracking technology, which tracks the maximum power voltage point of the solar panels as it varies depending on sunlight exposure and temperature.

This technology enables the controller to produce up to 30% greater energy yield than PWM controllers and as much as 10% more power than slower other MPPT controllers. This advanced technology allows the controller to perform extremely well in low-light or cloudy conditions, as the controller consistently strives to extract the maximum available power from the solar array.