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Elettrobrescia S.p.A

Elettro Brescia, was founded in Italy in 1983 and has now become a dynamic and techno-logically advanced company which nowadays holds its successful position among the best manufactures of PV Cables.

Elettro Brescia is harmoniously situated in the wonderful countryside of Franciacorta, covers an area of 10.000 sqm, including a production division, a warehouse and the research and analysis laboratory.
The complete automation of the production process assures consistency of quality and an absolute safety.
The compliance with the latest European regulations is a spur to all of us for a steady close control of the quality of the product.


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Random Solar Facts…

Are Solar Panels Recyclable?

Yes. In most cases, 99% of a solar panel is recyclable, and there are well
established industrial processes to do this.
A solar panel is made of a frame (typically aluminium), glass, crystalline
silicon solar cells, and copper wiring, all of which can be extracted,
separated, and recycled or reused. The remaining one percent is an
encapsulant material which bonds the layers of a panel together.
There are organisations around the UK and Europe specialising in solar
recycling, such as PV Cycle and the European Recycling Platform. They are
working with solar developers to minimise electrical waste and recycle old
panels in line with the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) regulations.
This means the environmental impact of decommissioning a solar system
is minimised, in line with the solar industry’s commitment to adhering to the
highest possible standards of sustainability.


Always remember to keep up to date on solar developments with the United Nations