Clenergy UK Mounting PV-ezRack® SolarRoof™

 SolarRoof™ Clenergy PV-ezRack®

Clenergy Pro Rail Mounting  – Clenergy’s PV-ezRack SolarRoof Pro and ClenergyER-I-PRO-01 Clenergy Pro Rail Mounting Pro Rail mounting offers a roof-mounting solar solution that is great with pitched and flat roofs. Utilizing the innovative PV-ezRack Rail, Z-modules, and roof hooks, the PV-ezRack SolarRoof Pro stands out as one of the most adaptable rooftop solutions globally, providing installers with a secure and economical installation option. Clenergy UK offers a great range with the Clenergy Pro Rail Mounting is a great solution.

A Clenergy Mounting system could be the solution to your solar instalation question.

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Clenergy UK Mounting System

Pro Rail Key Benefits

Clenergy Simple and Fast Installation

clenergy pro rail mounting Using our innovative Z-module technology to easily attach the Solar PV modules and our unequalled pre-assembled Cross connection clamp for effortless coupling of the rail to our roof hooks.

Clenergy Versatile Application

A straightforward system designed for portrait and landscape orientation, SolarRoof™ Pro is suitable for most residential roof applications.


A universal roof mounting system, SolarRoof™ Pro is suitable for most roofs and compatible with most of the framed Solar PV modules on the market.

Uncompromising Quality

SolarRoof™ Pro only uses high grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel components to international standards. Strict quality control over materials and finished products ensures optimum strength and long life for your installations.

Clenergy offers best-in-class mounting solutions that empower installers to manage their solar system design with ease. Our end clients tell us they feel great knowing that they’ve chosen tough, secure, and efficient solar racking gear backed by an industry-leading warranty

The Solax Inverter Range

Grid Tied

Mini 2.5kW
Mini 3.0kW

Boost 2kW
Boost 3kW
Boost 3.3kW
Boost 3.6kW
Boost 5.0kW
Boost 6 kW

3.7kW Hybrid
5kW Hybrid
6kW Hybrid
7.5kW Hybrid

AC Charger 3.7kW