solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controllers are essential. Here at Eos Solar Solutions are proud to carry stock of the Victron & EPEVER Solar Charge Controllers. 

Up to 10a to 15a Charge Controllers

20amp Charge Controllers

30a, 35a 40a and 45a Charge Controllers

50a and above Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers. Here at Eos Solar Solutions are are proud to carry stock of the Victron & PowMr Solar Charge Controllers. These Solar Charge Controller is a simple but very important appliance in your Solar System. It sits between the Solar Panel and the Battery.
It monitors the Battery voltage and will allow the Solar Panel to charge the Battery as required. When the Battery is fully charged it stops charging. 
If you did not have a Charge Controller the Battery could be overcharged and maybe get hot or even set on fire…

The two main types available 

First off
, These are the best option for a simple low power system

Then we have
MPPT Are more expensive and better on a large power system 

Finally its important to have a visual monitor of what is happening regarding the charging  and the state for the battery. PowMr Charge Controllers have a visual screen. Alternatively the Victron range require a additional gauge or screen. The benefit is that you can hide the Charge Controller away and just have a small screen on display. Check out the accessories pages for more information. 

Take a look at our range of Charge Controllers and if you want to learn more about Charge Controllers read the Charge Controllers Explained Page.

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