Rise in Residential Solar

Rise in Residential Solar

It is thought that small-scale residential installations accounted for a staggering 73% of the UK’s added solar capacity last year.

Centrica boss Chris O’Shea has cautioned that although energy prices have reached pre-invasion, they’re still “two and a half times the long run average”, which has driven domestic solar panel installation rates significantly.

Install Systems SolarA growth of 73% of the added solar capacity last year dwarfed the five-year average of 43%, with June 2022 marking the first time since way back in 2016 when domestic installations made up for over a quarter of the the UK’s solar capacity (26%).

According to Energy News Live, the rapid expansion of residential solar panels has increased the strain on the UK’s grid.

Eduardo Fernandez, who is Head of Gas, Power and Water at NTT Data, claims that “Renewed investment in solar installations by homeowners is driving the decentralisation of the energy grid”.

It goes without saying that although a single small-scale residential may not make a huge impact on the UK’s solar market, as a collective, they are certainly making a massive impact.

Due to changing beliefs, the increased emphasis on renewable energy amongst the average household, and of course extortionate gas prices, it is becoming more and more evident that the rise in residential solar power is inevitable.