England goes green more and more everyday

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More People Go Green

A record amount of residential solar installations are being made in the UK, as people turn to renewable technology due to growing energy costs.

Head of MCS Ian Rippin says that more people are turning to renewable energy sources, after a record number of solar panels and heat pumps were installed in the first half of 2023.

Incredibly, figures show that on average, over 17,000 households installed solar panels each month this year. Heat pumps are also becoming increasingly popular, with figures indicating 3,000 UK home installations a month for the first time ever.

According to Ian Rippin, the Chief Executive of MCS: “As the cost of energy continues to grow, we are seeing more people turn to renewable technology to generate their own energy and heat at home”. This conveys the fact that the British public are becoming more willing to embrace renewable energy sources and are ditching more traditional sources of power.

Research conducted by the Guardian has found that small-scale installations at homes and businesses across the UK, now account for almost double the capacity of Europe’s largest gas power plant in Pembroke, Wales.

Exciting times are certainly ahead for the solar market, year-upon-year, the general public are becoming increasingly swaying towards renewable energy due to a wide variety of differentiating factors, such as extortionate energy prices and an increasing willingness to protect the


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