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President William Ruto officially opened the Africa Climate Summit today in Nairobi, Kenya and called for the continent to channel adequate resources through and implement appropriate to unleash the full potential of its clean and green natural resources. The President said that this is how Africa can establish 100 per cent transition to drive green industrialization.amda

The Africa Climate Summit aims to address the increasing exposure to and its associated costs, both globally and particularly in Africa . With the expectation of escalating  is in terms of frequency and intensity, urgent action is required to mitigate these challenges.

Green energy is the anchor to sustainable socio-economic development and . Minigrids and decentralized renewable energy solutions can provide the necessary agility to respond to the negative impacts ofand provide long term resilience to  in rural areas. Connecting more people to will improve the economic prospects of people living on the continent while helping preserve its environment for future generations.

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