About Eos Solar Solutions

Eos Solar Solutions are the market leader in Self Build Solar and Wind Instalations. We specialize in Off Grid and On Grid solutions. Bringing the Sun and Wind into your life

We have all the solutions for you. You can be on grid and run parts of the home off Solar, or go fully Solar with our kit solutions.

Solar Energy UK Member

Working from Northampton in the UK we are a Solar and Wind business. We are members of Solar Energy UK, a government recognised body that represents the UK Solar Industry.

We attend a number of meeting where we are involved in making change in the industry, 

If you are looking for Solar Panels, Charge Controllers, Batteries, Inverters or the tools to build your Solar System we are able to help. 

Our work in Zimbabwe

As well as our Distribution Centre in the UK we have strong links back to Zimbabwe and are working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #7 or SDG7.
We are developing mini grids to offer well priced electricity to rural locations. These offer clean and reliable electricity.


Zimbabwe is home to some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders and wildlife. Located in southern Africa, the country is famous for its diverse landscapes and for being an epic safari destination. With a long, rich history and human settlement of present-day Zimbabwe dated to least 100,000 years ago, the country also has some remarkable archaeological sites that preserve the local culture and heritage

We enjoy assisting in the climate change agenda