UK Stock Rigid Solar Panel 

Rigid Solar Panels

Rigid Solar Panel UK stock Here at Eos Solar Solutions we are pleased to offer a160W tricke charge rigid solar panel wide range
Starting with simple 20W trickle charges and going up to 550+ watts.
With good stocks and easy access to more stock from across the UK and EU We can keep your project on track. Eos Solar Solutions are the leader in Self Build and Self Install Solar Systems.

Please read the Solar Panels Explained Page
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Rigid Solar Panels

Why not add a new Battery to the Solar Sytem We offer a great range of AGM batteries that are sealed, spillproof design makes them a preferred choice for various applications requiring safe and reliable energy storage solutions, especially when transportation regulations must be adhered to.

Our AGM Battery Range

100ah 12v
107ah 12v
160ah 12v
278ah 12v
300ah 12v
500ah 12v
300ah 24v
500ah 24v
500ah 24v Mounted in a trolly

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, indicating that the battery acid is absorbed into fiberglass mats rather than existing as a free-flowing liquid. These mats enable a greater surface area of the electrolyte to contact the ultra-thin lead plates, providing cushioning against impacts and vibrations. The use of absorbent glass mats allows manufacturers to fit more lead plates within the battery, resulting in increased power availability.