24v Inverters Pure Sine Wave

24v Inverters

24v Inverter Pure Sine Wave – here at Eos Solar Solutions we only sell Pure Sine Wave4000w inverter Inverters. Pure Sine Wave Inverters offer the best production of 240v of electricity.

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12v Inverter

12v Inverters, we have a full range of 12v and 48v Inverters, check them out here.


24v Truck – Van – Camper Workshop – Up to 4,000w

Inverters – Pure Sine Inverters

What other items can a 2000 watt inverter run?

  • Microwaves, blenders, coffee makers, and toasters.
  • Refrigerators, tumble dryers, lights, fans, and small televisions.
  • Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

How big of an inverter do I need for my lorry or truck?

Take a look at what you want to run off the Inverter and multipy by 2 and thats what you need. So you have a laptop that needs 50w then thats 100w, but a good starter would be 300w as this is a good price with plenty of power.

Then if you want to boil a kettle you will need 1,000w so buy a 2,000w inverter. But at this size it will need wires to the battery.

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